Before Beginning

By: Lisa Trocchia-Baļķīts I have only just arrived and I am asking questions rapid-fire. I hope my teammates will continue to be patient with my enthusiasm and curiosity. I am conscious that I must appear to be a bit too eager to those who have been here for weeks, even months, enduring the intense summer heat … More Before Beginning

No Easy Answers

By: Ivars Balkits It’s 6 a.m. in Iraklio. The hotel clerk has called a cab, and we are waiting with our luggage in the lobby. We’ve been three weeks here in Crete visiting family and now are joining CPT-Europe’s Mediterranean Project on the island of Lesvos. We don’t quite know what our role will be there … More No Easy Answers

One Day Off

By: Jonathan Hege This summer I spent some weeks with the Lesbos Project of CPT Europe. On my first day off I decided to walk around. I wanted to learn more about Mytilene. At one time I found myself at the north harbor. On the right hand side there was the old castle and on … More One Day Off

The Space Within the Aegean Tectonic Plate

By: Ronbir Mohammad Space in between indicates a state of separation. It is the space in which a war is taking place. It is the space which makes dichotomies like Hell-Heaven, Earth-Sky, Underground-Aboveground, Body-Soul, Divine-Evil, Civilization-Wilderness, Processed-Raw and so on. Our civilization has made us organize the world around us and within us in dichotomies … More The Space Within the Aegean Tectonic Plate


By Juliane Assmann This year seems to be a quiet one in Pikpa. No „masses of refugees“ „flooding“ the island of Lesbos, no extra ferries to bring them to Athens, no more riots in the humiliating, overcrowded and dignity-depriving camp of Moria. Instead, there’s a big colorful painting on the main building of Pikpa, an … More BEING THE SIDEKICK

Refugee: the Human Face of God

By: Hadje Sadje “The Church is Mother, and her motherly attention is expressed with special tenderness and closeness to those who are obliged to flee their own country and exist between rootlessness and integration. This tension destroys people. Christian compassion—this ‘suffering with’ compassion—is expressed first of all in the commitment to obtain knowledge of the … More Refugee: the Human Face of God

Hug Me

Written by Aaron Kaufmann “Hug me” read the embroidered words on the teddy bear’s cap. Walking along the harbor of Mytilini, working your way past the shops and cafes found along the water’s edge, you can look out and see Turkey’s coast rising from the Aegean, seemingly only a stone’s throw away. If you turn … More Hug Me

The children along the city walls of Chios

By: Ronbir Mohammad We are a CPT team of three persons. We are walking along the city walls of the Greek island of Chios, with the border-polluted sea stretching before us. The refugees reside in tents, organised in two lines. Kids are playing. Nothing can make children stop playing. Even under the midday sun; even though their … More The children along the city walls of Chios