Give and Take

By: Lisa Trocchia-Balkits Aside from entirely ignoble thoughts, provoked by the thick wall of heat glomming on to my body as I walk into the uncooled space of the camp kitchen where I am scheduled to spend the next four hours, the large mound of watermelon stacked in crumpled plastic crates on the floor, grabs my … More Give and Take

Pikpa Passages

By: Ivar Balkits Written on August 26, 2016 It’s morning in the camp. Humanity Crew, an organization of translators, comes by to pick up a vanload of Pikpa residents to take them to Moria detention center for the day. They are going for interviews and to fill out paperwork related to appeals for asylum or … More Pikpa Passages

Before Beginning

By: Lisa Trocchia-Baļķīts I have only just arrived and I am asking questions rapid-fire. I hope my teammates will continue to be patient with my enthusiasm and curiosity. I am conscious that I must appear to be a bit too eager to those who have been here for weeks, even months, enduring the intense summer heat … More Before Beginning

No Easy Answers

By: Ivars Balkits It’s 6 a.m. in Iraklio. The hotel clerk has called a cab, and we are waiting with our luggage in the lobby. We’ve been three weeks here in Crete visiting family and now are joining CPT-Europe’s Mediterranean Project on the island of Lesvos. We don’t quite know what our role will be there … More No Easy Answers

One Day Off

By: Jonathan Hege This summer I spent some weeks with the Lesbos Project of CPT Europe. On my first day off I decided to walk around. I wanted to learn more about Mytilene. At one time I found myself at the north harbor. On the right hand side there was the old castle and on … More One Day Off

The Space Within the Aegean Tectonic Plate

By: Ronbir Mohammad Space in between indicates a state of separation. It is the space in which a war is taking place. It is the space which makes dichotomies like Hell-Heaven, Earth-Sky, Underground-Aboveground, Body-Soul, Divine-Evil, Civilization-Wilderness, Processed-Raw and so on. Our civilization has made us organize the world around us and within us in dichotomies … More The Space Within the Aegean Tectonic Plate


By Juliane Assmann This year seems to be a quiet one in Pikpa. No „masses of refugees“ „flooding“ the island of Lesbos, no extra ferries to bring them to Athens, no more riots in the humiliating, overcrowded and dignity-depriving camp of Moria. Instead, there’s a big colorful painting on the main building of Pikpa, an … More BEING THE SIDEKICK