Hungering for Justice

On the 2nd of July the team on Lesbos began accompanying and advocating with Arash Hampay, a young man from Iran who has been on a hunger strike since the 28th of June trying to bring awareness to the plight of the refugees facing deportation and incarceration in Moria, including Arash’s brother. Because Arash is allowed … More Hungering for Justice


By: Aaron Kaufmann I do not know how the town of Moria got its name. Perhaps it has a specific meaning in Greek, a language in which I lack any skill. Perhaps it was the name of its founder. Whatever the case may be, when I hear it, my mind is instantly drawn to thoughts … More Moria

The Arc of Voices

By: Rûnbîr Serkepkanî Images of boats, of people with arms stretched out for water, of children getting barbecued by the midday sun at the port, hunger strikes and many other unpleasant things—these are the images which I associate with Mytilene, and for a very good reason. Nearly 1,000,000 people have passed through this island in … More The Arc of Voices

The Pikpa Vignettes

By: Aaron Kaufmann “My friend! My friend!  Come!”  These were the words that greeted me as I entered Pikpa for the first time.  “Come!”  The young child led me to the swings where he insisted that I push him.  The teeter-totter was next on the list.  Afterward, as I walked back to the main buildings … More The Pikpa Vignettes

Saint Paul and Saint Luke on Lesvos.

A new light on the refugee crisis from a Christian perspective. By: Annelies Klinefelter In 56 A.D., Luke the Evangelist, the Apostle Paul and their companions stopped on Lesvos briefly on the return trip of Paul’s third missionary journey (Acts 20-14), having sailed from Assos (about 50 km away). From Mytilini they continued towards Chios … More Saint Paul and Saint Luke on Lesvos.