Alexander’s Great Lie

By: Aaron Kaufmann Occasionally when I fly to Lesbos, I travel through Thessaloniki. The airport there is not a particularly interesting place. Thessaloniki International Airport is situated outside of town with not much to see other than the somewhat barren landscape. One time, as I wandered around the small terminal in search of an outlet to … More Alexander’s Great Lie

Your Longing hands

  By: Rûnbîr Serkepkanî They do not make coffee with cardamom here in Greece. No one makes coffee like your mother. It’s been five years since you last drank your mother’s coffee with cardamom. Borders have prevented her from filling your soul with the wonderful scent of cardamom every morning. You were born in Kuwait. … More Your Longing hands

Into the Night Sea

By: Michael Himlie As a Christian Peacemaker Team member (CPT’er) on Lesvos, I worked on the Night Watch, monitoring vessels in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece, and awaiting refugees to arrive on Greek shore in the night. While the other Night Watch volunteers are just as intimately focused on the care, rights, and … More Into the Night Sea

Hungering for Justice

On the 2nd of July the team on Lesbos began accompanying and advocating with Arash Hampay, a young man from Iran who has been on a hunger strike since the 28th of June trying to bring awareness to the plight of the refugees facing deportation and incarceration in Moria, including Arash’s brother. Because Arash is allowed … More Hungering for Justice


By: Aaron Kaufmann I do not know how the town of Moria got its name. Perhaps it has a specific meaning in Greek, a language in which I lack any skill. Perhaps it was the name of its founder. Whatever the case may be, when I hear it, my mind is instantly drawn to thoughts … More Moria