Call for Delegates 2016

Call for Delegates for CPT Mediterranean Project 2016

In the summers of 2014 and 2015 Christian Peacemaker Teams – Europe ran a successful project accompanying refugees and local human rights11930928_1617847818481993_6715089460595738597_o activists on the Greek island of Lesbos. ) In the face of the militarized border regime we were able to provide a welcoming, humane climate for the many people arriving daily from Syria, Irak, Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries. We have now been asked again to return to Lesbos.
The project will be coordinated this summer by Ramyar Hassani, Hannah Rosenfeld, Juliane Assmann and James Jakob Fehr.

We now invite interested peace activists who can serve on the team this summer to apply as delegates. We are looking for persons who can serve for a minimum of two weeks on team. The team will be stationed in Mytilene; the work will be in response to the changing needs of the local activists, especially dialoguing with refugees, monitoring human rights conditions, observing court cases.

Skills needed: English and other relevant languages like Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, etc; medical expertise; legal expertise

Expenses: delegates are expected to pay for their flight to Lesbos; living costs and a small stipend will be provided to delegates

Contact: Hannah Rosenfeld ( See here for the application form and further details about the project.

Dates: Around 19. May – 19. November 2016

Deadline for applications: soon as possible, 19 of April would be perfect

Additionally, we are also grateful for any financial support for the project. Most of the funding has been pledged, but we still need some additional backing for next year. Donations can be made through the German Mennonite Peace Committee, mentioning “CPT Europe” in the subject line:

Deutsches Mennonitisches Friedenskomittee
IBAN: DE46620500000021240069
(Kreissparkasse Heilbronn – Germany)


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